Corporate events allow employers and employees to socialize, strategize, and plan for future business success. If you’re looking for a corporate event space in Omaha, NE, different from the standard boardroom, why not choose a space completely outside the corporate box? A venue with indoor and outdoor space, plenty of amenities, and scenic views will make your next corporate event one that everyone will want to attend.

How To Organize an Incredible Corporate Event in Omaha, NE

Organizing a corporate event can feel overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. When you find a location that has the space for your attendees and provides you with the amenities you need to simplify the planning process, all you’ll have to do is take care of a few details and show up on the day of your event.

Do Something Different 

The typical corporate event venue often feels stale, sterile, and business-like. If you’re tired of hosting corporate events in hotel banquet rooms or boardrooms, there is another solution. Choosing a scenic and remote venue for your next corporate event will make the entire experience memorable and motivate all your employees to attend.

At Countryside Venue, our location overlooks the beautiful Omaha countryside and is the perfect place for employees to relax, detach from the corporate setting, and enjoy the event experience without feeling like it’s an extension of their workday.

Find a Corporate Event Space With Catering Options

When an event venue has an established relationship with a catering company that can provide the food for the event, you won’t have to search for caterers. Instead, you can secure your event location and have a catering contact familiar with serving out of the space.

At Countryside Venue, we have an established relationship with Patricia Catering & Cocktails, a local full-service catering company that has been providing catering and cocktails for Omaha area events for over 30 years. With their menu options and our event space, you can ensure an exceptional corporate event experience.

Check for Amenities

When searching for a corporate event location, you need to find one that can accommodate all of your attendees and has amenities that will simplify the planning process and make the event a success. Some amenities to look for include parking space, tables and chairs, any decorative items you’ll need to personalize the event, and of course, Wi-Fi.

Completely disconnecting from the grid isn’t an option at a corporate event, and when you choose Countryside Venue for your next corporate event, you won’t have to. We offer free Wi-Fi for all our events, plus indoor and outdoor spaces, tables, chairs, speakers, microphones, projectors, and more. You’ll also have exclusive access to the venue and will be the only event at our location that day.

If you want to make your next corporate event one to remember, skip the boardroom, the restaurant, or the hotel banquet hall and step outside the corporate box and find a scenic location that will make the entire experience more enjoyable. Contact us today at Countryside Venue to schedule your in-person tour of our event space and learn more about our amenities.