The beautiful Omaha, NE countryside is the perfect location for those looking for an outdoor wedding space. When you choose a wedding venue with amenities and a customizable infrastructure, you can ensure your wedding and your guests are protected from the elements and your day is nothing short of perfection.

Five Secrets to Securing the Perfect Outdoor Wedding Space in Omaha, NE

1. Choose a Customizable Space

The perfect outdoor wedding venue should be completely customizable. It should be basic enough that two brides with completely different visions can both plan their dream wedding at that location. A customizable space can accommodate smaller and larger weddings and easily be decorated and arranged according to the bride’s vision.

2. Ask About Exclusive Access

No one wants to share their wedding day with another bride, hear their music from another room, or run into their guests throughout the day. For that reason, choosing a venue that provides exclusive access to the space is important. That way, you will be the only wedding at the location on that date.

3. Evaluate the Amenities

Another way to ensure you have the perfect outdoor wedding is by choosing a venue with plenty of amenities. The space should have plenty of different decorative options, so you don’t have to bring in and take down your own decor. Ensure that the space accommodates every possible detail, including a bar area, a separate kitchen entrance for the caterers, and even Wi-Fi.

The best outdoor venues will also provide you with the option of on-site indoor space that’s just as beautiful as the outdoor areas so that if you want to have your ceremony outside and then move indoors, you can, or so that you have a plan B if any day-of unforeseen weather requires that you move your outdoor oven indoors. Also, check for ample parking for guests, and other amenities, like access to chairs, tables, and sound equipment.

4. Make Sure the Venue Provides Catering Options

If you’re looking for more than just a venue, be sure that your event space has some type of partnership with a catering company, so you have additional options to make the planning process simple and stress-free. It’s always easier to check off two big aspects of the planning process at once rather than securing a location and then spending more time finding the right caterer.

5. Tour the Location

When you finally find your perfect outdoor wedding venue, you’ll know. Something about the space will just feel right, and having your wedding anywhere else but at that location will no longer be an option. While you can look at venues online, visiting them in person is more effective so you can see the space, envision your wedding, and examine the layout to confirm that space is right for your big day.

Your wedding day should be perfect, and the perfect wedding begins with the perfect outdoor venue. If you’re looking for an exclusive, scenic, and full-service wedding venue, we can help ensure you have the wedding of your dreams. Contact us today at Countryside Venue to schedule an in-person tour of our charming and scenic Omaha countryside event space.